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We supply and install 3 kinds of prepaid meters:

• Electrical Prepaid meters, various options are available
• Water Prepaid meters.
• Gas prepaid meters.

How it works?

Our meters are installed as a secondary meter inside the dwelling, typically a The prepaid meter does not interfere with or impair the operation of the primary meter The meter has a keypad and special encryption security. When a tenant purchases prepaid electricity generate a numeric token based on a given tariff rate. This token is entered into the meter and credits the meter which in turn lets the tenant use a predetermined amount of electricity. When the meter credit runs low it alarms the tenant to go and purchase more tokens.

Purchasing Recharge Tokens

We offer the most flexibility to tenants in purchasing their recharge tokens. Purchase at Stores, Purchase Online, Purchase by Bank Deposit, Get Free Utilities, Purchase with Mobile Phone, Purchase, Purchase at Vending Kiosk, Purchase by EFT

Why People Prefer Prepaid Meters?

The use of prepaid meters is an ideal method. Prepaid meters reduce or eliminate the risk Furthermore, prepaid meters create awareness of electricity and budget accordingly. No Outstanding Debts, No Bills, No Deposits, No Administration, No Collection Hassles, No Tenant Disputes, No Credit Problems, No Arrears Issues

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