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Generator and Changeover Switches

We install to private homes, Complexes and businesses.
We supply and install Diesel and Petrol generators with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) or Changeover Switch fitted to your DB or Meter Box.

Are you fed up with loadshedding and power cuts.

⦁ All sizes Silent Diesel Generators. ⦁ Also supply all sizes Petrol Generators
⦁ Diesel Generators are fully boxed/weather proof.
⦁ ATS - Fully automatic start with loadshedding (optional).
⦁ ATS - 2 seconds.
⦁ Self-exited alternators.
⦁ When comparing prices also compare the output power.
⦁ Our Diesel generators are manufactured in the Cummins factory.
⦁ How to compare generators: Compare diesel with diesel. Diesel generators are stronger than petrol generators and normally last longer and produce a
⦁higher output at a more consistent peak and running time.

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